>never eat alone

In Books, business, Friends, Fun, Reading, Theology on December 29, 2007 by mstevensrev

>Great title for a book by Keith Ferrazzi is excellent. Not really into writing summaries of books because I don’t do them justice. My approach is more day by day, taking in something new or being inspired to action, here are two points that hit me today:

“Our souls are not hungry for fame, comfort, wealth, or power. Those rewards create almost as many problems as they solve. Our souls are hungry for meaning, for the sense that we have figured out how to live so that our lives matter so the world will at least be a little bit different for our having passed through it.” – Rabbi Harold Kushner

Keith on his career and the lack of balance: “For me, the best thing about a relationship-driven career is that it isn’t a career at all. It’s a way of living. Several years ago, I started to realize that connecting was actually a way of seeing the world. When I thought and behaved in that way, dividing my life between professional and personal spheres no longer made sense. I realized that what made you successful in both worlds were other people and the way you related to them. Whether those people were family people, work people, or friend people, real connecting insists that you bring the same values to every relationship. As a result, I no longer needed to make a distinction between my career happiness and my life happiness-they were both piece of me. My life.”

A few years ago I read a book called “Season of Life: a football star, a boy, a journey to manhood” by Jeffery Marx. It changed my life, by stating many of the parts of my worldview but had never expressed. This book “never eat alone” did the same for me. So much for not summarizing huh? God is glorified when we love his creation, and we (people) are a significant part of that creation. The more I understand about myself and my story I see that I have been gifted in this pursuit. Keith Ferrazzi nails it for me and applies this worldview to work practice whereas “Season of Life” applies it to coaching


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