>Beginning my Reflections on 2007

In End of Year, Fun on December 21, 2007 by mstevensrev

>This was a really strange year, in our world and in our life. Today I had my end of year review at work, which went great, but it got me thinking about this year and what is ahead. To start here are just a few of the things that happened this year for me.

1. Spent New Year’s with two of my oldest friends (which we are repeating again this year)
2. Landed a job within two week of first touch at Sinometrics.
3. Made over 10,000 Cold Calls with my job.
4. Wife went Cat Skiing leaving me home alone with daughter for week.
5. Set up our financial plan which we neglected for years as intern pastor.
6. Became building managers.
7. Refinished chairs we got from Goodwill for $35, and a free table for our dining room.
8. Turned an closet into a closet/office, to free up bedroom for baby.
9. Had Aidyn’s Birthday at a local park.
10. Started Aidyn in a new school.
11. Went to first school choir concert and saw my oldest daughter shine.
12. Enjoyed just attending Church.
13. Started a weekly community group at our house.
14. Ate Thanksgiving with my boss and his family.
15. Nicknamed coworker/friend “little hottie”
16. Mixed a song about “Little Hottie”
17. Wrote on the Psalms
18. Had another daughter…surprisingly at the hospital.
19. Started setting goals for the future.
20. Made a repair on our car without putting it on the credit card.
21. Listened to my wife, much better.
22. Had two great performance reviews at work.
23. Spoke with executives and cool decision makers at some really interesting companies.
24. Ran marathon #3
25. ran marathon #4
26. ran marathon #5
27. Lots of training for marathons.
28. Learned a new joke. “A dyslexic man walks into a bra.”
29. Fallen in love with reading blogs.
30. Realized I need a mentor.
31. Read through the Bible.
32. Read about 20 books.
33. Commute on the bus.
34. Joined Flexcar.
35. Realized Mexican food is my favorite for breakfast lunch or dinner.
36. Took my parents to Montana.
37. Missed seeing a black bear while everyone else in the car saw it.
38. Went fly fishing.
39. Fell in love with the Mariners (baseball team, not group of sailors)
40. Took Aidyn to her first Mariners game.
41. Preached a few times.
42. Taught a group of kids I love about communion, and watched them partake for the first time.
43. Ate a fun breakfast with my old boss and his wife.

Honestly that was really good for me and I don’t feel like I really tried. What a really amazing year, who knows what I will think of over the next few days left in the year.


2 Responses to “>Beginning my Reflections on 2007”

  1. >wow man, that’s a great blog post. You left me wanting to know more detail about some of those items. Also, please don’t tell me you like the Mariners more than the Orioles. I don’t think I could take it.Looking forward to seeing you in January.

  2. >Boy my comments on the Orioles should be a blog post. In short, I’ll always love the Orioles but they are such a poorly run organization I can hardly stand it. Add that to the fact that I am a sport whore, where I live I tend to support that team. I will always love Eddie Murray, Brooks Robinson, Cal Ripkin, and the hundreds of games I’ve been two in Baltimore, but until they make some major changes (Peter Angelos sells to someone who knows what they are doing) the will not have any of my emotions. The Mariners team and management surprised me last year, they knew something I didn’t I like that. The other team I have a fondness for is the Oakland A’s, great business organization, they burned the bridge with me though when they decided to leave Oakland 2010 look out for the Fremont B’s, boo!

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