>The Passing of Billy Stevens

In family on October 8, 2007 by mstevensrev

>At 4:00AM EST Saturday 10/7/2007 my grandfather, died. They took him to a hospice last Thursday where he was unresponsive and he never came to. This is one of those moments living on the opposite end of the country from your family really sucks. Karin is 37 weeks pregnant, which means any day the baby could come and be consider “on time”. There is no way I can get to the funeral.

Billy was a pretty amazing man, part of the great generation. Flew planes in WWII, faithful Catholic, and a cattle trader just about his whole life. What little I know about my grandfather I really respect. He was no saint and had a significant battle with alcoholism, which he was on the upside for about 13 years before his death. His dedication to his faith and the relationships he had with people who he sold to remind me a lot of myself. I do have a feeling we are more similar than I could ever imagine.


2 Responses to “>The Passing of Billy Stevens”

  1. >Hey MIke -Sorry about the loss of your grandpa. I’m sure it’s hard not to be there – MeganPS – Sorry so lame, hard to convey sympathies on a blog comment…

  2. >Not lame at all. Your words are appreciated. Thanks!

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