>Word of the day: Ruckus

In family, Fun, Word of day on August 22, 2007 by mstevensrev

>How much fun is this? Ruckus is one of those words that makes me want to run around, especially now since I am at the office, messing up desks and dance with trash cans. I am the only sales person (other than the president of our company but he doesn’t count on one level…he does alot more) so I am often the one causing the ruckus at Sinometrics.

Most of my life is about ruckus. Just the other day a friend of mine who has four kids was talking about how he realized that his kids are loud. At that moment my wife chimed in saying she thought our daughter was loud too. My friend interupted his thought, turned to my wife and said, “Oh yeah, your daughter is really loud.” Then after finishing his though state that he thinks she might be louder than his four kids combined! Karin and I agree with huge smiles. Our family loves to cause a ruckus, whether it is signing, dancing, or telling jokes something is usually going on. Amazingly the tenants that live in the unit under us renewed their lease, they must be hard of hearing!


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