>You love your dog more than anyone else

In Fun, summer on August 13, 2007 by mstevensrev

>My theory is that if dog owners understood this, believed it and lived it we would have more appropriate boundaries in public for people with their pets. It is a good thing, that you love you pet more than anyone else. You should; walking, feeding it, washing it, paying it’s vet bills all of those things take commitment and love is a big part of that commitment. And since you love your pet so much, don’t sacrifice the unbiased love he or she has to offer before people who don’t love you pet as much.

Not everyone wants to say hi, be rubbed up against, or play with you pet. There are some people who have been attacked by dogs and have great fear especially when they are running around a public place with lots of children, noise, and not being properly watched because you want to enjoy the BBQ with your friends. The there are also the folks who just don’t want to smell like a dog all day, so even having to push you dog away is frustrating. When I am sitting on my blanket in a conversation with a friend also I don’t want to have to worry about the food on the plate next to me being stolen as your scavenger wanders the crowd. All of these things (being bitten, smell, stolen food) might be overlooked when you love someone, but no one loves you dog as much as you do. Then there are those who just don’t like dogs, and in a public place where it is illegal to let the roam without a leash these folks should not have to deal with it.

Now this may sound like I am one of the people in the last group. I am not, I love dogs, and really enjoy them. Since I currently don’t own one I often don’t want to spend my day smelling like dog. It is easy for other dog owners to love you dog a good deal because they already smell. The decision is already made for them, the rest of us really have to commit when we want to show affection toward your pet.

Finally I know there might be some thought about children running around and causing chaos. I do have a child, and a highly active energetic one. So I get your point and I agree. I love my child more than anyone else. There are a few differences, children are people (I know for some pet owners I would have to discuss this further) and the goal of them learning is socialization so that they can relate well as adults. They need times to examine relating to the world freely in social situations, parents must be aware and guide when necessary, but there is a goal to have them function as adults, not the case for dogs. Also my kid doesn’t smell, doesn’t steal people’s food, and doesn’t shove her nose in people crotches. At the same time if my kid is causing chaos or even making someone uncomfortable she will be sitting right next to me and will not get the freedom that was offered because it was abused.


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