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My time in Denver at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner’s Conference was great!  I must be into drinking Kool Aide or something, because I had a great time!  The entire thing is a pep rally for Microsoft to get their partners excited about where the company is going and how they can be apart.  Also there are salespeople everywhere, so everyone is working an angle with everyone.  It was a blast.
We were the only localization company with a booth, which made us very distinct.  Also Sinometrics has worked very hard at their marketing with the booth and such so we looked really good!
Most of my time was spent working the booth but I did go to one break out session with Steve Clayton.  Steve is a friend of Hugh Macleod  who I have really drank the Kool Aide of, I am impressed with both of these guys and how they are thinking about technology, mostly relationally.  Now I know that is very Web 2.0 catchy and cool.  But what they are thinking and talking about is more than the latest marketing wank.  It is broad, not just technology but related to all walks of life.  The questions are how does technology make us better people in how we deal with one another including in the area of business.  
Steve’s class was very basic, but for some of the Worldwide Partners I am sure it was helpful.  I got a book to read out of it, which I always love, a few new action items, and I am going to give Windows Live Writer a spin with blogging since I am getting sick of iWeb and the time and lack of responsiveness the program has (is this the foreshadowing of a new blog address?  i don’t know, my guess is that this one will still exist on some level)
Here is a picture of the class which was easily update to Steve’s blog during the class   You can’t see me but I promise that I am there.  I have the blue monster sticker to prove it:)  Which I still need to send Steve a picture of…those were the conditions of getting one.  Anyway I would love to get the time today and really get into more about the conference and the thinks I am thinking.


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  1. >looking forward to that photo Michael 🙂

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